Who Did It?

You come in the morning and find a piece of equipment broken. The quintessential response you get is “I dunno, second shift must have done it”.  We have all been there and I as well.

I took a service call from a customer complaining that the product of ours he just purchased did not work. I was talking to a third-party materials manager. Someone dropped it off on his desk and said it was junk and did not work. I wanted to diagnose the problem but he was totally oblivious to what the part was. My only option was to have him send it in to me and I would evaluate it for warranty.

As it turned out some of the internal pieces were missing and…it was not one of our products.

I called the gentleman back and told him that someone had taken it apart and lost some pieces. He was quick to let me know that is the way they received it. Dedicated to stellar customer service that we are here at EXAIR, I hung in with him and advised him of what pieces were missing and that it was not our product.

I later got a call from the shop manager who said the procurement company had gotten it all wrong. He wanted to order replacement parts. I told him that his cold gun was of another manufacturer and that our parts are not interchangeable. He was taken back by my taking the time to identify the missing parts even though it was not our product. It was a level of service that he was not used to.

As it ended, he instructed me to scrap the unit they had sent in and ordered a new unit from us.

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