My Favorite Time of the Year

As the season begins to change and I’m greeted by the crisp air in the morning, I realize that autumn is upon us (officially starts tomorrow).  Fall is by far my favorite season!  The cool air outside, just enough to make you appreciate the refuge of a warm house, and the harvest and food that comes this time of year are the best!  Oh yeah, and there’s football…

Football has an enormous fan base here is America, but it has had trouble becoming appealing on a global scale.  Crossing borders is not something the NFL has done well, but another sport, the UFC, has managed to do so with great success.  I attribute this success to the nature of the sport.  Mankind has always been keenly interested in fighting and combat, since our inception.

Something else that crosses borders well is saving money/time and increasing efficiency.  The products we design here at EXAIR are meant to do just that.  We focus on saving compressed air and solving application specific problems in the most efficient manner possible.  Both of these focal points have saved our clients an immeasurable amount of time and money over the years.

If you have an application in need of cost savings or efficiency improvement, contact the application engineering department at

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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