Air Operated Conveyors: The EXAIR Line Vac

The EXAIR Line Vac: four distinct product lines, encompassing sixty-nine different models, and a hundred successful applications…and that’s just what’s you can see if you register in the Applications portion of our Knowledge Base (along with a few recently added by Professor Penurious).

In my time here at EXAIR, I’ve had quite a few opportunities to offer in-house conveyance testing with a Line Vac, and have found out, first-hand, how well certain products convey:

  • Small engine parts
  • Ground corn cob blast media
  • Lead shot
  • Hard coated antacid tablets
  • Fabric softener sheets

All of these were able to be conveyed quickly and efficiently, with no problems at all.  In fact, the last two left the shop with minty and spring-fresh aromas, respectively.  Curiously, our Production Manager still found a way to complain about both!

Just as importantly, we’re able to find out what a Line Vac CAN’T do:

*The same folks who sent us the small engine parts that conveyed so well sent us some long, thin springs. These conveyed fine, one at a time, but because the springs tended to bunch up & nest, we couldn’t even send a handful through without clogging the suction.

*Along with the hard coated antacid tablets, we tested some of the traditional, chalky, chewable tablets. Even at low compressed air supply pressures, the power and speed of conveyance from the Line Vac broke them.

They are available, from stock, in a variety of sizes and materials of construction.  They’re easily fitted to standard hose or tube, and can even be ordered with threaded ports up to 2”NPT.  We have Light Duty, Standard, and Heavy Duty models to move cotton balls, ball bearings, and anything in between.  We even have High Temperature units that are suitable for environments up to 900F (482C).

Like I said, we’ve got a hundred documented success stories.  Give me a call and let’s talk about your application.  If we haven’t done something similar, we’ll let you try one out under the terms of our 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee.  Or, if possible, we’ll run a test here, using your product.  What do you want to move, and how far & fast do you want to move it?  I look forward to finding out how we can help!

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation
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(800)923-9247 toll free
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