One of the features truly unique to our business model is the ability and willingness of our engineering department. We take pride in being a manufacturer, and also take pride in the support we provide to our end users and resellers alike.   I recently needed to contact the engineering department of an industrial manufacturer to gather a few topical specifications for the benefit of an end user.

My experience was surprising – there was little assistance offered even for basic questions and I was told quite plainly in many cases that they had no information on their product at all.  Quite a difference when compared to our staff of application and design engineers at EXAIR who are willing to provide as much as we can.  I understand the need to protect proprietary information, but the information I needed was in no way proprietary, it was just an example of poor service.

Change the channel to EXAIR and you’ll find a much different program.  We field calls every day with application specific questions relating to materials of construction, operating parameters and tolerances, OSHA compliance, etc.  I’ve also been in the test lab checking conveyance rates with our Line Vac, verifying force and flow of a custom 1010SS nozzle setup, and checking dead end pressure of our Air Amplifiers.  And that’s just within the last week!

Remaining an industry leader requires a daily diligence, and not just from the engineering department, but from the entire staff at our facility.  If you have a question or need, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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