Super Ion Air Knife Cleans Acrylic Light Covers

Here is a good old-fashioned application for your review. We have a customer who is making acrylic light covers which look like this;

The light covers travel with the inside of the cover facing the floor, like the covers on the left of the image above. They are placed on a roller conveyor in that position after a last cutting operation. The cutting operation leaves a lot of dust and debris on the inside surface and hung up in the under cut flange. When they are positioned to ride down the conveyor it allows much of the debris to fall out but they still needed to remove more dust and particles prior to the final inspection, cleaning and packaging.

With the light covers positioned in the image below, we outfitted the customer with a 36″ Super Ion Air Knife which will blow up into the inside cavity of the light cover.

The Ionized air eliminated any static which may have been present and released the difficult to reach debris and dust, causing it to fall out of the light cover. The customer has been able to speed up production time due to a shorter final cleaning operation. The part quality was improved by providing a cleaner product and package.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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