The Old One-Two

I’ve written about comfort zones, and getting out of them, before. Recently, I’ve had a few opportunities to get out of one of my favorites: the Comfort Zone of Absolutes. I’m a big fan of on or off. Hot or cold. Fixed or broke. Right or wrong. Or, for that matter, right or left.

Compressed air blow off applications don’t always work like that, though. I mean, if you want to remove dust & debris from a flat, smooth sheet of material traveling down a conveyor, and you install a Super Air Knife a few inches above it, aimed at about a 45° angle back towards the sheet’s direction of travel, it doesn’t get any better than that…you’re going to have great results.

What do you do, though, when the part isn’t nice and smooth and flat? What if it’s an irregular shaped casting, with bosses, reliefs, blind holes, nooks, crannies, etc? Bad news is, there’s not a one-step, right-out-of-the-box solution. Good news is, even if your part has a few (or more) of these profiles, we’ve got a few (or more) viable solutions: whether it’s Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Nozzles, Jets, or a mixed array of these – let us help you put together the “one-two” (and “three-four” if needed) punch you need to solve even the trickiest blow off applications.  Our Application Database has some great examples of how we’ve helped others achieve great success in applications just like this, and we’d like to add yours to the list.

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