Frequently Asked Questions…And Others

One of the things I like about being an Application Engineer at EXAIR is the thrill associated with the possibility that, when I pick up the phone, I’m going to get asked a question that I’ve never heard before. As I approach the end of my “rookie season” here, I’ve noticed that this is happening a little less frequently, but still with enough regularity to keep me on my toes.

I’ve also noticed that there are plenty of Frequently Asked Questions as well. I’m sure that anyone in a customer service/tech support type position will develop a “mental script” of sorts to answer these…it’s how we end up sounding so darned knowledgeable, and who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to be smart, if only for a minute or two?

Of course, the most practical of these questions deal with how to apply a particular product. For instance:

*What’s better for cleaning up my workstation: the Chip Vac or Heavy Duty Dry Vac? The Heavy Duty Dry Vac will pick up heavier material – if you need to vacuum up steel shot, it’s definitely the way to go. Either will pick up sand, metal chips, shavings, etc., but the Heavy Duty Dry Vac will do it faster. But for very light material, like dry sawdust, the Chip Vac is the logical choice, because you can only move the hose & wand so fast anyway, right?

*Speaking of cleanup, what about the Vac-u-Gun? For portability, nothing beats the Vac-u-Gun…it’s hand-held, and the bag goes wherever you do. And it’s versatile: simply reverse the Flow Generator, and you’ve got a high-output blowoff. Add a hose, and it’s a low-cost, easy-to-use material transfer system.

Now, I could go on and on (seriously; ask anyone around here), and I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from calling in to ask questions – it’s ALWAYS a genuine pleasure to assist in providing a solution for your application – but if you’re so inclined, we’re quite proud of our FAQ section on our website. I encourage you to check it out.  This comprehensive data source is sorted by product category, and even has a link to submit a question that isn’t as “frequently asked”…yet. We’ve been known to update the FAQ’s from time to time, and we thank you in advance for helping us grow this source of relevant information!

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