Do you know Where Your Compressor Lives?

To most folks, compressed air is like any other utility. They have no idea where it comes from just that they expect it to be there when they need it. A good exercise is to pay a visit to your compressor room. Breathe in that hot, humid, grimy air. Then think about breathing that day in and day out. That is exactly what your compressor does. And where does all that ingested air go? Throughout your entire compressed air system and into your air tools.

I got a call from a customer complaining that his Air Knife kept plugging up. From the photo to the right you can see that he had horribly bad quality compressed air. The solution was the simple installation of an in-line compressed air filter. EXAIR filters separators remove water, dirt, and rust from the compressed air and prevents contaminants from plugging or damaging compressed air components.

With screw compressors, a thin-film of oil between the rotary vanes provide a seal. Under intense pressure the oil vaporizes. Being in a vapor state, an oil coalescing filter is required in addition to the dirt and water separator. A noteworthy point about compressor oil. It is aggressive and attacks polycarbonate and other materials. Consult your MSDS sheets for compatibility to materials of construction of your air tools.

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  1. People don’t realise that modern compressor oils have a synthetic base in most cases. It would be like pouring brake fluid through some plastics.

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