Happy Birthday, Dear Oreo…And Many More!

Yesterday, Nabisco celebrated, with much fanfare, the 100th birthday of The Best Thing Ever™: the Oreo chocolate sandwich cookie. As you can see in this slideshow, the packaging has changed over the years (albeit not appreciably since 1977), but their popularity has endured.

I’ve written about brand longevity, and what it takes, before. The Oreo, quite simply, measures up. Their taste and quality is consistent. Their marketing is spectacular – I mean, “Milk’s Favorite Cookie?” – that’s golden! They capitalize on seasonal promotions: orange-colored crème filling around Halloween; red for Christmas, etc. They innovate: they’ve tried different flavors of filling, with limited success, but the DoubleStuf has maintained strong sales, despite being reviled by purists and true Oreo aficionados.

EXAIR might just be the “Nabisco” of compressed air products:
*Our quality is consistent. Our inspection & testing process is detailed and thorough, and results in an extremely low rate of defective product returns. Plus, if it’s in the catalog, it’s on the shelf and ready to ship.
*Speaking of the catalog, our marketing is spectacular. Whether you have a print version of our catalog, or you’re perusing our website, you can find a wealth of information regarding any of our products, presented in a format that’s laid out well, and easy to navigate.
*We capitalize on promotions. In fact, you have your choice of TWO PROMOTIONS right now: You can get a free Vac-u-Gun with the purchase of an Industrial Vacuum, and/or a free AC Sensor with a Static Eliminator.
*We innovate. A little over a year ago, we introduced our Atomizing Spray Nozzles. Last month, we rolled out the Siphon Fed and External Mix versions, and they’re proving to be quite popular.

I’m not sure what you’d consider our “Oreo”…probably depends on your specific application or need. Whatever that may be, we’re here to help, and we look forward to your call!

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