You know what your problem is…

As I came into the office yesterday I had the privilege of being the first application engineer in the door.  I sat down at my desk, checked my email and did my usual routine.  As the other engineers made their way in, I heard the last words of a conversation as it came around the corner.

“Your problem is, you expect good service from a manufacturer.  That’s what happens when you work at EXAIR.”

Without hearing any of the previous dialogue, I was already well aware of what had happened.  One of our engineers had a problem and called the manufacturer.  Undoubtedly he spent too long on the phone, was routed through computer prompted systems, and in the end was given poor service.

I’m still unaware of the nature of the call, but I am well aware of how we set EXAIR apart from other manufacturers.  When you call us, a person answers the phone.  There’s no teleprompter or dial commands.  We have real people able to answer questions and put our clients in touch with the proper departments and information.

After being a part of the well-oiled EXAIR machine it’s hard to remember that other manufacturers don’t adhere to the same levels of service.  And, once you experience the service at EXAIR, it’s hard to forget.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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