EXAIR E-Vacs, They Aren’t Just for Use With Suction Cups

One of our overseas distributors brought an application to my attention recently that was note worthy. They had been to see an end customer to review the following application. This one involved the replacement of a mechanical vacuum pump.

The current, mechanical system pulls a vacuum through the length of a roller through small, regularly spaced holes along the length of the roller.

The vacuum pump has to be housed above the machine on a pedestal in an attempt to keep with the governing safety standards covering excessive noise levels (and fails). Sound levels were measured at 1 meter away from the pump at 93 dB. Operators in the area have to wear hearing protection only to counteract the noise from this one piece of equipment.

As if sound level issues weren’t enough of a problem, the mechanical pump breaks down often. Repairs are expensive, time consuming and cause production to shut down.

Enter EXAIR distributor with model 840060M (Adjustable E-vac with straight through muffler installed). The EXAIR E-vac has no moving parts except for a locking ring to enable customizing vacuum level to fit exactly to the customer’s application need. The suction port was plumbed to the end of the roller shaft and compressed air piped to the inlet.

The E-vac was energized to 80 PSIG initially. Through adjustment of the E-vac to match application vacuum flow needs, pressure was able to be dropped to 60 PSIG with a net operating sound level of 76 dB @ 1 meter away from the E-vac. The vacuum level, flow and noise level were all well within the needs of the application. The customer is happy with the performance and the distributor was rewarded with a sale and the offer to look at two other important applications for this end customer.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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