New Rain Gauge

Ohio’s new rain gauge

I just received my new Ohio rain gauge. Did you get one for your state? Almost the entire US is under a moderated to severe drought. The drought coupled with unseasonably warm temperatures has made it dangerous for those who have to work out in it.Searing temperatures not only present a danger to personnel, but takes its toll on industrial electronics. As manufacturing becomes more sophisticated, sensitive electronic controls are being used. The drawback is that they are designed for environments of 104F. When ambient temperatures rise, the permeation of heat through the panel walls is reduced. The heat created by the electronics is not able to radiate out fast enough, causing the internal temperatures to rise. Temperatures above 104F not only will cause readout faults, but will reduce the life of the electrical components by as much as 50%. Replacing boards is horrendously expensive.

A simple cost-effective method of controlling panel temperatures is with an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System. Using compressed air to generate refrigerated air with no moving parts, they provide maintenance free operation. Being a closed loop system, they prevent the egress of contaminants into the panel.

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