Super Heroes and the Crew at EXAIR

Growing up I think nearly every child has a Super Hero that they believe is the best.  All through growing up my number one Super Hero was Spiderman.  The close second was Cyclops from the X-Men.  For most the Super Hero is about being able to help others while still having a normal life.  It’s about being able to find balance and let’s not forget about the super powers.

For me the Spiderman Comic series was one with best message to its readers’.  This is because Peter Parker didn’t live a lavish lifestyle, he was a geek that just happened to encounter serious of unfortunate / fortunate events.  He always had the same message to not stoop to the levels of evil and to also help those in need.

For the most part I am pretty sure none of us here at EXAIR have super powers.  We do however do our best to help people that may be in trouble every day that we are here.  This can in fact some times even save you from getting into a sticky situation.  Imagine this – the dastardly OSHA inspector (dastardly for illustrative purposes only) has pointed out a safety violation (that actually sounds rather helpful) in the good citizens plant in the form of an open pipe blow off. EXAIR saves the day (and the OSHA fine) by outfitting the open blow off with one of our Super Air Nozzles (wow, we even have an appropriate superhero-ish product name) which can’t be dead ended thus stifling the OSHA inspectors power and increasing safety for the model citizen. In true comic book form we should go on to say that the entire population of that comic book town rests easier and the children are clearly happier as illustrated in a colorful, sunshiny last page…

The point is we’re here to help, so feel free to contact us about your compressed air application.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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