No Matter What

In all of the media coverage of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, a couple of stories made a particular impact on me. They’re stories of ordinary folks, displaying an extraordinary sense of responsibility. They’re doing what they do, no matter what.

A special platoon within the Army’s 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, known as The Old Guard, pulls duty guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has done so for 75 years now. Guards were actually stationed 12 years prior, but round-the-clock sentries weren’t put in place until 1937. This soldier is flawlessly uniformed (their gig line is unsatisfactory if it’s more than 1/64” out of alignment) and ‘Walks The Mat’ without regard to weather, security threats, etc…”Post and orders remain as directed.”

Late last week, when the path of the hurricane became more predictable, the crew of HMS Bounty, a 180-foot, three-masted tall ship (and replica of the famed British vessel) put to sea from New London, CT, in order to escape the fury of the storm. Ship to shore communications over the weekend indicated that they had successfully skirted the worst of the storm. We now know that she began to take on water, her bilge pumps failed, and she foundered and sank early Monday morning, about 90 miles off the North Carolina coast. One crew member is dead, and the Captain remains missing as of this writing. They could have left the ship in port and sought shelter, but these dedicated sailors knew that their ship was safer at sea than in port, where the gale force winds would surely have wrecked her against the pier. That’s not what sailors do, though.

The list of things that I would do, no matter what, is mostly limited to extreme (and I hope unlikely) circumstances regarding imminent dangers to my family. It’s inspiring, though, that brave and dedicated souls such as these serve as examples for us all. No matter what.

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Are You Really Green?

I have a friend who is a “green” zealot. I am frugal and have always been conscious of saving money and resources. In today’s language, that makes me “green” too. We have had frequent heated discourses on which of us is truly green.

This is a person that returns their plastic shopping bags for recycling but then criticizes me for washing and reusing my zip loc bags.

So who is more “green“?

My friend goes out to lunch I carry mine. Do you realize how much trash is generated with take out or eat in food! My food is packed in my recycled zip loc bags. No trash.

So who is more “green“?

In the summer I close the shades on the east side in the morning and on the west side in the afternoon to block the heat of the sun. In the winter it is reversed to capture the heat of the sun. My friend enjoys a sunny and bright living space so their shades are always open.

So who is more “green“?

When driving I pace my speed to stay in line with traffic. My friend will pull up  close to the car ahead, put on the brakes, fall back then accelerate only to brake again. I get there in the same amount of time, save on brake wear, and use less gas.

So who is more “green“?

Working for a company whose core business is compressed air energy conservation, I am zeroed in on sustainability. In the course of our daily lives we will have some impact on the environment. It is a matter of minimizing it. A successful sustainability program looks at the overall picture and is the sum total of all the components.

Compressed air is valuable energy source for industry. We should use it wisely. It does little for the overall picture to implement an energy conservation program only to negate your efforts with open and drilled pipe. Using EXAIR engineered nozzles will get you equal or better performance using less air.

EXAIR will celebrate 30 years of business next year. They, too, began with a mission to help conserve resources save customer’s money, which in today’s language makes them “green” as well.

Not only am I naturally “green” so is my employer. So once again, I say to my friend – who is more “green“?

I am an application engineer. I would appreciate the opportunity to help you with your compressed air conservation program. I can be reached at l 1-800-903-9247

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Halloween / Harvest and left over pumpkins.

Well folks, it’s that time of year again.  I remember last year blogging about a transformer costume that was amazing.   I think this year the best costume I have seen so far has been this Iron Man cosplay.

At my house however the costumes aren’t quite technology advanced.  This year we will have Cinderella with red hair, and a new baby pumpkin.  Along with several jack-o-lanterns that will be carved this weekend.  Then the question is what to do with all the left over pumpkins.

The perfect answer, use compressed air and see how far you can launch them.  This is quite honestly the best recreational use of compressed air I have seen.  That’s right, I’m talking about Pumpkin Chunkin’.  This is exactly what happens when you have people with a certain skill set and some idle time.  While there aren’t any EXAIR products being used currently in this field it is still entertaining.

Since there weren’t any EXAIR products being use to chunk pumkins, I would like to share this video which shows several EXAIR Adjustable Air Amplifiers helping to create air flow and cool the brand new Corvette motor while it is dyno tested.

If you have any questions on how to use compressed air in your applications feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

EXAIR’s China Distributor to Exhibit at CIIF (China Intl Industry Fair) in Shanghai November 6 – 10, 2012

China International Industry Fair 2012 is going to be held during November 6th through 10th, 2012 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Theme Shows will be held concurrently under CIIF 2012. CIIF 2012 will occupy 150,000 sq. meters as its display area and attract more than 1,800 exhibitors and 100,000 trade visitors.


Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co. will be exhibiting at the Industrial Automation Show (one of the themed shows) within the CIIF Fair. They will be located at booth number W1D001. EXAIR Corporation will be supporting our distributor by sending Neal Raker, Application Engineer to attend the exhibition with our Chinese partners. EXAIR products will be on display and available for demonstrations at the booth. If you have an application you would like to discuss, there will be plenty of people on hand to help you determine the best solutions.

Come see us at the CIIF Fair in Shanghai!

Neal Raker, Application Engineer / International Sales

Why NOT Manufacturing?

Did you watch the presidential debate last Tuesday night?  I did, it was the best debate that I’ve ever seen.  Many others with longer frames of reference than me are saying the same thing.

This isn’t a blog where I’m going to analyze the debate and weigh in on who I think won and who lost.  There are thousands of media types and bloggers that have that job, and they are welcome to it.

But there was a moment in the “town hall” debate last Tuesday where one of the audience members asked what the candidates proposed to help college students have more opportunities to land jobs after graduation.  Both candidates included manufacturing in their responses.  It wasn’t the first or the last time that manufacturing was mentioned that night, which is a good thing.

One of the great things about Twitter is that you can read and post commentary about live events as they happen.  It was very interesting to read my Twitter timeline during the debate.  I stopped when an old friend, who happens to be a member of the media (notice I didn’t say “liberal” or “left-wing” media), sent out a tweet saying that college graduates would not be interested in working in manufacturing.  Obviously, that didn’t sit well with me, and we had a bit of back and forth about it yesterday.

One of the other interesting things that I’ve noticed about this election year is the higher level of interest shown by younger people.  My daughter, a high school junior that is too young to vote, has watched all of the debates so far.  And so have many of her friends.  Can you imagine being interested enough to follow presidential and vice-presidential debates at age 16 or 17?  I can’t.  That was a real eye opener for me.

Anyway, my daughter was having Twitter exchanges during the debate with her friends as well.  One of her friends commented that no one should believe that high-wage, high-skill jobs would be found in manufacturing.

So in real-time during the debate exchange on the topic, friends of ours in the media AND a great student were stating their doubt that manufacturing could be part of the jobs solution for those with an education.

Folks, this is the perception that we have to turn around.

If the media doesn’t think we are viable as an industry and as job creators, that’s a big problem.  If students don’t think we are a viable career path, that’s a HUGE problem.  If no one out there is telling the story of manufacturing, and up-and-coming entrants into the workforce won’t give us a look, our days as a viable industry are numbered.  I know, many people have been saying that for years, but I happen to think that rumors of our demise are a bit premature.

 Here are some highlights about the economic impact of manufacturing in America:

  • Manufacturing accounts for 12.2% of US GDP
  • Manufacturing employs 12 million people, or 9% of the workforce
  • Manufacturing unemployment rate 11.5% BELOW the national average
  • Manufacturing annual earnings 36.8% ABOVE the national average
  • 19.4% of all good manufactured globally are made in the US
  • If the US manufacturing economy were its own country, it would rank #9 in the world

Can you believe that we have people that don’t understand the impact and opportunities of manufacturing in this country?  It’s mind blowing.  We have to change the decades-old perception that manufacturing is a dying industry, and we have to do it quickly.

Take a look around wherever you are right now.  Anything man made that you see was MANUFACTURED somewhere.  We really couldn’t live our daily lives as we do today without manufacturing.

We have to get this information out there, by any means necessary, so that the next generation understands that we WANT highly skilled, educated people in our manufacturing businesses and that they have the opportunity to earn ABOVE AVERAGE income in exchange for those skills.

Many others have written about the outreach efforts that are needed for manufacturing but are lacking at present.  Tuesday’s debate crystallized the need as starkly as ever for me.

Bryan Peters

Survival Guides and EXAIR

Today marks another exciting day here at EXAIR.  We are releasing to the public a free “survival guide” for blowoff applications.  While this guide may not help the “Preppers” stock up and prepare for Apocalypse Z, nor does it have a chapter entitled “Weapons and Combat Techniques”, the EXAIR Blowoff Guide could play a big roll in your life before the Zombie Apocalypse occurs.

Our survival guide covers key points that everyone who uses compressed air may not be aware of.  Such as how compressed air can kill you. Also how you can save money by upgrading your current blowoff application by installing an engineered nozzle.

The EXAIR Blowoff Guide also showcases our full offering of Engineered Air Nozzles, Safety Air Guns, applications for each, and advantages of using Intelligent Compressed Air Products to conserve your compressed air.

Click here to get yours today before they run out so you, too, can be prepared.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer