EXAIR: The Definition of Versatility

I’ve said before that one of the reasons I like this job is that I never know what the next technical assistance request is going to be. Yesterday was no exception, but curiously, the “great unknown” was a “remarkable similarity”: I got two calls, in a row, from customers who wanted to discuss E-Vac Vacuum Generators: Both had a pick-and-place application involving lightweight blister packaged commercial goods, and both expressed concern about getting enough vacuum to pick up the package by the irregularly shaped plastic blister, but not getting enough to deform the thin plastic. Both had even picked Vacuum Cups (they were different cups, so I knew the second caller wasn’t just duplicating the first’s efforts; they were indeed from different companies.)

While discussing the respective applications, we (go figure) even came up with the same size E-Vac. THAT’S where it – finally – got interesting. The first caller wanted to install the E-Vac directly to the suction cup, and his machinery could support the E-Vac independently. This made the In-Line E-Vac the obvious choice.

The second caller, however, wanted to mount the E-Vac to his framework, and run a hose to the vacuum cup. The Modular E-Vacs’ block design and series of mounting holes was ideally suited here.

Normally, when I think of versatility in a particular product line, I think of the variety of applications where we see a product used. Yesterday, I got a great new illustration of versatility. This is why we offer the In-Line, Modular (and while we’re on the subject, the Adjustable) E-Vac’s. A quick look through our catalog shows that we don’t really have a “one trick pony:”

*Super, Standard, and Full Flow Air Knives, available in a variety of materials.

*Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Heavy Duty Line Vac’s come with smooth bores or threaded inlet/outlet, in sizes from 3/8” to 5”. And our Light Duty Line Vac is even available in a 6” size.

*Super Air Amplifiers come in sizes from ¾” to 8”, and Adjustable Air Amplifiers can be made of Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

*The Atto Super Air Nozzle uses just 2.5 SCFM and is popular for blowing dust from circuit boards. Our Large Super Air Nozzles generate up to 23 pounds of force, and can blow slag and chips from a 20 foot long pipe. And we’ve got 17 sizes/models in between.

Whatever your compressed air application is, I bet we have a product that will work for you, in stock, and available for immediate shipment. Try us.

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