5 Things Everyone Should Know About Compressed Air

Most industrial facilities use compressed air as a common utility.  From running air tools to complex pneumatic controls, compressed air use is common.  What isn’t as common is a solid understanding of compressed air systems and their effects on a company’s bottom line.  Here are five basic things everyone should know about compressed air.

  1.  It isn’t free.  Many people, even those in the industry consider compressed air to be free or a low cost utility.  The fact is compressed air is a “secondary utility” in that it is generated as the result of consuming a primary energy source.

  2.  It can be your most expensive utility.  Because compressed air is created through a compressor driven by an independent energy source, generating compressed air can be costly.  The DOE conducted a study in 2004 which found that in a typical industrial facility approximately 10% of electrical consumption was consumed for the generation of compressed air.  The DOE also has a handy formula for calculating the cost of generating compressed air at your facility.

3.  The DOE has an incentive program for reducing energy used to create compressed air.  A new program launched nationally in 2012, the Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program provides industrial facilities with a roadmap for achieving continual improvement in efficiency while maintaining competitiveness.

4.  Safety concerns are real.  OSHA is in existence for a reason and their directives on compressed air driven devices aren’t to be taken lightly.  Fines hurt!!  Note – All EXAIR products comply with OSHA directives 1910.242(b) and 1910.95(a)

5.  Engineered compressed air products are the solution to the previous 4 concerns. We have put a great deal of time into the design and function of our products and it shows!  Installing an EXAIR engineered air nozzle has been proven to save over 50% of the compressed air when compared to common open pipe blow offs while maintaining or even improving the blow off force.

In the comparison above, the EXAIR model 1100 nozzle is consuming 53% less compressed air than the copper tube, while maintaining 13 oz. of force.  It pays to use engineered solutions!!

In short, we always like to say “Don’t waste your air!”  Our engineering staff is here for a reason – the design and implementation of intelligent compressed air products.  If you need assistance with your compressed air application, feel free to reach out.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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