Survival Guides and EXAIR

Today marks another exciting day here at EXAIR.  We are releasing to the public a free “survival guide” for blowoff applications.  While this guide may not help the “Preppers” stock up and prepare for Apocalypse Z, nor does it have a chapter entitled “Weapons and Combat Techniques”, the EXAIR Blowoff Guide could play a big roll in your life before the Zombie Apocalypse occurs.

Our survival guide covers key points that everyone who uses compressed air may not be aware of.  Such as how compressed air can kill you. Also how you can save money by upgrading your current blowoff application by installing an engineered nozzle.

The EXAIR Blowoff Guide also showcases our full offering of Engineered Air Nozzles, Safety Air Guns, applications for each, and advantages of using Intelligent Compressed Air Products to conserve your compressed air.

Click here to get yours today before they run out so you, too, can be prepared.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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