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walmart tomato

This photo is a reminder to me of why I should not go to the store – any store – without a list. For some reason, a written list, even if it’s just an item or two, will hold me accountable to my mission to purchase only what I’ve decided that I need, in the absence of the marketing blitz found on supermarket shelves.

Even if milk isn’t on the list, though, I’ll get some. With two adolescent boys in the house, we never have to worry about expiration dates on dairy products, its seems. And hey, the supermarket ALWAYS has milk, right? We don’t even think twice about it…if it’s food-related, we can find it at the supermarket.

I got a call from a customer yesterday; a long-time Cold Gun Aircoolant System user. He started the conversation with rave reviews of his Cold Guns, and then said he was taking a “shot in the dark,” looking for a compressed air-operated device that could pull a vacuum on a suction cup that he was using to move small plates of aluminum in and out of a die. He called EXAIR, solely because he had one of our compressed air-operated cooling products. We discussed the Inline E-Vac, which he thought would be perfect for his application, since he can thread his existing suction cup direction into the vacuum port, and use the lightweight, cylindrical body of the E-Vac as a handle. It turned out to be a compact, simple solution for his application.

I didn’t think about it until after we got off the phone, but this was a reminder to me of the diversity of EXAIR’s product line. I made a quick run through our competitive profiles (I hope it doesn’t surprise or shock anyone that we keep an eye on what our competition is doing, and how they’re doing it,) and I found plenty of suppliers of Vortex Tube products and air-powered vacuum generators, but I didn’t find anyone else who offered both.

One of my favorite parts of this job is being a solution provider. I can’t say that we have a product that will solve every caller’s application, but I’m proud to say that we’ve got a better chance of it than any of our competitors. If you have questions about whether you can or can’t – or should or shouldn’t – use compressed air for an application, we’re always eager to discuss your project. Give us a call.

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