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One of the more popular inquiries we get this time of year is for Static Eliminator Product selection assistance. EXAIR offers a variety of Static Eliminators, to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Static charge can be caused by contact or friction between non-conductive surfaces…and you don’t need a lot of contact, or motion, to produce a decent charge. We keep some clear plastic Lexan plates in our Efficiency Lab, and can get a few hundred volts just by putting one on top of the other, and picking it up. To generate several thousand volts (or more), we’ll rub a plate on the carpet for a few seconds.

This makes for a great all-purpose set up – from here, we can easily and effective demonstrate any of our Static Eliminators (or do an Efficiency Lab test on anyone else’s…just so you know). Not every situation or application involving static dissipation presents itself that simply, though. That’s where the diversity of our Ionizer Products line comes in:

Are you getting zapped by packages coming fresh off your shrink wrapper? Do you need to remove dust from – and keep it off of – parts prior to painting? Are your rolls of fiber, web, paper, film, etc., jamming or mis-feeding? EXAIR Super Ion Air Knives could be the efficient, quiet solution you’re looking for. They produce a high volume, extremely adjustable, laminar curtain of ionized air flow, perfect for large surface area and/or high speed applications. They’re available in lengths from 3” to 96”. If space is tight, our Standard Ion Air Knives, while not quite as efficient or quiet, do provide a smaller profile “footprint,” and are just as effective and fast in eliminating static.

Perhaps your application is smaller, and you need a tighter, focused stream of ionized air. The Ion Air Jet is compact, easy to install (even easier with a Stay Set Hose and Mag Base), and just the right size for table or counter top situations. If this is your size & scale, but you want the convenience and flexibility of a hand-held device, our Ion Air Gun is just the thing.

For jobs that are a bit larger, but still with a need for a compact installation, the Ion Air Cannon provides a high volume, but still concentrated, flow of ionized air. It’s effective over long distances, and very efficient, using a small amount of compressed air to entrain “free” air from the surrounding environment at a rate of 25:1. In dusty or dirty areas, you can even duct clean air in from elsewhere, so you’re not impinging that dust or dirt on your parts’ surfaces.

To remove static from a continuous run of cable, hose, extruded shapes, etc., the Super Ion Air Wipe comes with a 2” or 4” ID. Its split design makes for quick and easy installation, and means you’ll never have to “thread” it if product feed is changed or interrupted.

No compressed air? No problem. If you can mount it within 2” of the part, the Ionizing Point can dissipate up to 5 kilovolts of static charge in under a third of a second. For wider surfaces, our Ionizing Bars offer the same rapid performance, and can be provided in lengths of up to 120”.

All of our Static Eliminators are shockless, UL Listed, low maintenance, and available for same day shipment…except for a couple of our longer Super Ion Air Knives, which we need a day or so to put together.

If you have questions about which Static Eliminator is right for you, give us a call. We’re eager to help!

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