Service Level Improvements at EXAIR


At EXAIR Corporation, we are always striving to improve our lead times and service levels for our customers. Good customer service, backed up with excellent technical service from our Application Engineering Department is just one of the ways in which we continue to be the industry leader.

Another important difference that sets us apart from our imitators is that we listen to our customers and we respond to their needs by developing products that are relevant to solving the types of industrial problems that our customers encounter. No company can be all things to all people, but within our area of expertise, we are always first to market with newly developed products. Our imitators copy the idea and follow our lead with about a 3 – 6 month delay and release their version as if it were some new revolution in technology.

Besides numerous, new product introductions, we have stepped up the game with our offering for some of the items in our product groups. Stocked items ship same day on orders we receive by 3:00 pm Eastern. Following is a list of some of the service improvements we’ve made:

–          Our long Ion Bars (standard lengths from 60” to 96” long) are now in STOCK.

–          We have added new sizes of Digital Flow Meter to our offering as stocked items (included new sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1-1/2”, 2-1/2”, 3” and 4” in both SCFM and M3/hr displays).

–          All Cabinet Cooler systems are in STOCK, including 316 SS Cabinet Cooler Systems and non-hazardous purge NHP Cabinet Cooler Systems and can ship same day.

–          All our Electronic Flow Controllers (EFC) and associated systems which include them are now stocked items.

–          All of our Deluxe Kits are now stocked items.

–          All Electronic Temperature Controllers (ETC) and associated Cabinet Cooler Systems are stocked items.

–          Lead time for Long Super Ion Air Knives has been reduced from 3 business days to 1.

–          We can manufacture and ship a custom length air knife in 3 business days (you tell us the length, we’ll make it). That is reduced from 5 days.

–          If you are a direct overseas customer of EXAIR products, we can ship your order in 1 day.

Some might say, “big deal, so you’ve added some items to stock that you didn’t previously have”. One could view it that way if they wanted to. But, to the customer who has a machine down and needs help right away, these are the ways in which we set ourselves apart and create value for our customers. Manufacturing our own products affords us this control over the processes to make adjustments so our deliveries are better.

EXAIR, as a company, works on the premise to be easy to do business with. Above is only a small portion of the many things we do every day to bring our solutions to life for our customers in a prudent, familiar and friendly way. Give us a chance to impress you. I guarantee we will not let you down.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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