Attitude and Commitment Separate Winners from Losers


The most immediate response to the picture on the right is that the little guy doesn’t stand a chance! While size may present a definite advantage, it is attitude and commitment that separates the winners from the losers. We all can recall the story of the race between the  tortoise and the hare. The hare, knowing that he had the distinct advantage, lost focus on the race so that steady-paced tortoise was able to eventually win.

In this boxing match-up, the little guy knew that it would probably only take a single punch from the big guy to put him down. As history tells it, the little guy was more maneuverable and he was able to dance around the reach of the big guy. For a fleeting moment, the little guy found himself between the elbows of the big guy and, with one upward swing, he put the big guy out. It turned out that the big guy had a glass jaw.

EXAIR Corporation is also known for its maneuverability. Orders are shipped within 24 business hours. Modifications to stock products are accomplished within a week. We at EXAIR know that when a customer calls, he needs a solution, whatever it might take, and he needs it now.

That notion is ingrained in all EXAIR employees which is why we have been able to maintain better than 99% on-time deliveries.

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