Improper Installation and Associated Problems

I had a customer contact me this week wanting to replace his existing Super Air Wipe with a different product because he was starting to see a drop in the performance. He was considering a switch to one of our Super Air Amplifiers because he was familiar with another company who was using one to blow off moisture from their “all-thread” piping production line, which was somewhat similar to his application.

Rather than just pursue the opportunity for the quick sale, I decided to dig a little deeper and see what issues he was experiencing. He is using (2) of our 1” Aluminum Super Air Wipes, Model # 2401, mounted on each end of a blast chamber to remove the treatment solution on their 0.3” round wire in order to contain the solution inside the chamber. The Super Air Wipe provides a 360° uniform, high velocity airflow that adheres to the passing material surface, wiping the entire surface area clean. Easily clamping around the material passing through due to it’s split design.

Super Air Wipe


After reviewing the pictures provided by the customer, there were several issues that potentially could have been contributing to the decreased performance:

1)  The Super Air Wipe was mounted in the incorrect direction, causing the customer to actual blow the solution out of the chamber rather than containing it.

2) The wire was not running concentric to the throat of the Super Air Wipe, contacting the edge of the Super Air Wipe unit and removing the edge of the coanda profile for a section of the knife .

3) Since the solution was being pulled through the Super Air Wipe due to the improper direction explained in problem 1, the solution was depositing and building up near the exit of the air flow, negatively affecting the performance.  In some areas it had even bridged over the air gap causing there to be no flow of compressed air.

The decline in performance is due to the gradual solution depositing on the Super Air Wipe. Initially, it had enough performance to remove the solution from the wire but continued to lose air flow and its ability to remove the solution as it built up around and upon the exit air pathways.

I discussed these concerns with the customer and rather than changing to a completely different product, I recommended ordering replacement Stainless Steel Super Air Wipes and mounting the units in the proper direction/orientation. This would provide better wear resistance, eliminate the build-up and contain the treatment solution inside the chamber as desired.

With help maximizing the performance of your existing EXAIR product or to discuss a new application, please contact one of our Application Engineers.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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