Super Air Wipe Removes Unwanted Water In Application

Super Air Wipe
EXAIR’s Super Air Wipe removes water from a cooling bath on a plastic coated wire production line.

In an email sent to me from a Russian reseller I was asked for assistance with an Air Knife application, and whether we could make a circular knife to assist blow off of industrial oil.  Fortunately, we not only can, but we do and we have them in stock.  Our Super Air Wipe is a formidable product to assist with OD blow off of a variety of applications.

For example, one of our distributors is working with their client on a way to increase production line speed.  The application has a plastic coated line that passes through a dip tank after a certain stage in the production process.  After treatment and before the next stage which takes place in a closed-top container, the water on the surface of the plastic line needs to be removed.

To remove the water and allow for faster line speed (thereby allowing for greater throughput in the application) a Super Air Wipe is installed.  The Super Air Wipe can blow off the excess water, preventing/removing a process disturbance at the next stage in production.

All EXAIR products are designed to maximize the use of compressed air, and to solve problems in industrial applications.  If your application has a need for a compressed air based solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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