Adding an Engineered Air Nozzle Prevents Buying a Larger Compressor

Atto Super Air Nozzle
Atto Super Air Nozzle

EXAIR products not only help large facilities in saving compressed air, but they also can help individuals.  I received a call from a happy customer that worked out of his garage.  He used a 5 horsepower compressor to blow off chips as his machine was cutting teeth into gears.  With his setup, he had an open copper pipe blowing continuously during the operation.  His air compressor would frequently cycle on and off, causing it to overheat and shut down.  Before purchasing a larger air compressor, he wanted to contact EXAIR to speak with the experts in saving compressed air.

I suggested the Atto Super Air Nozzle to be placed at the end of the pipe.  The first thing that he noticed was the power of the air stream.  The chips were being removed quickly, keeping the tool clean.  He also noticed that his small air compressor was only cycling on about 50% of the time instead of 90%.  This stopped the overheating issue.  He was so impressed that he contacted me to let me know how well this small mighty Super Air Nozzle worked.  He was able keep the gear teeth clean, and he did not have to purchase a larger air compressor.

It is nice when a customer is so impressed by the product that he has to contact you directly.  Whether your operation is big or small, you can save yourself money by adding EXAIR products to your operation.  If you would like to discuss further the benefits in using EXAIR products, you can contact one of our application engineers to help you.


John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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