EXAIR’s Cabinet Coolers Provide Cold Air To Heat Sinks

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In a blog I wrote a few weeks back I worked with a distributor to find a solution for cooling a motor used to drive a robot.  We determined the required airflow and correct Super Air Amplifier model number for the application and all was well.

A bit more recently I’ve been working with another EXAIR distributor, using a completely different approach to provide the cooling needed in another application.  This new application featured three 250W LED lights with heat sinks that were not large enough to remove the heat from the bulbs.

The solution our distributor found was to use a series of Cabinet Coolers to provide extremely cold air into the heat sinks.  The cold air was fed into a distribution block and then to three heat sinks as shown in the image above, and it worked to provide the needed cooling in this application.

Ultimately, the “secret” to this application solution rests with our Vortex Tube technology which transforms a compressed air flow into two outlet streams – one hot and one cold.  The cold air stream is used to remove heat from a designated area, and the hot air is vented to ambient conditions.

If you have an application suffering from overheating problems, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer, we’ll be glad to help cool things down.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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