EXAIR & Earth Day

In case you didn’t see our latest E-News, sign up here if you don’t get them, we talked about Earth Day.   April 22nd marks the 46th annual Earth Day and it will be observed in over 193 countries.  This year also marks another year that we continue to focus on manufacturing our products with minimal impact and doing our part to help protect our planet.  So what kind of things does EXAIR do in order to ensure we help?  A few of the ways are listed below with a special addition last.

First and foremost, we manufacture and sell Intelligent Compressed Air Products that are specifically designed to reduce the use of compressed air throughout facilities.  On top of that, when you purchase an EXAIR product it will arrive in fully recyclable packaging and, in most cases, is made from a material that will be recyclable should it reach a point it is no longer useful.

We also recycle 100% of the metal scrap from our machining processes, which equates to 6.5 tons. We also recycle also cardboard and mixed paper products.  The paper products even get down to all of paper towels that are used and all the scratch paper that the office utilizes.   In total, EXAIR recycled tons 36.6 tons of paper and cardboard in 2015  which equates to 80% of the solid waste we produce is recycled.  We focus on more ways to improve this percentage every year, so far some of the team hasn’t liked my idea of reusing the coffee and filters in the coffee maker.  Something about it got so thick you needed a spoon to “drink” your coffee.

Another waste reducing factor that has proven to work out well for EXAIR is asking every customer if they accept digital invoices rather than requiring them to be printed and mailed.   Thanks to our wonderful customers we have been able to eliminate 91% of all printed and mailed invoices which helps to reduce our resources used as well as the amount of materials that are possibly turned into solid wastes at their facilities.

To get back to what EXAIR products have done to help reduce waste, we were also able to optimize our own compressed air system by eliminating air leaks and have saved 1 million cubic feet of compressed air.  We have also utilized our very own Chip Trapper Systems in our manufacturing areas and extended the water soluble coolant life from 6 weeks per changeover to 6 months per changeover.  This has allowed us to reduce the waste-water to a mere 600 gallons for 2015.

On top of all the efforts above, we also continue to maintain RoHS compliance on all electronic products, as well as actively track our supply chains to ensure no Conflict Minerals are being sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The final effort which we have added this year is a recycling program we are performing in our own office.  Through the help of our local Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and their Project Saving Species, we are recycling cellphones and other personal electronic devices to benefit both local and worldwide efforts.  The money raised by these recycled devices will go to protecting the Lowland Gorilla habitat in the Congo and to help our own Miami University to provide education to the citizens of the Congo.

If you have any questions on how we can help your facility reduce their use of compressed air or why we continue to reduce our wastes and increase our recycling efforts, contact us.

To see our full Sustainability Plan follow this link.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer Manager




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