360° Hollow Circular Atomizing Nozzle Ideal For Treating Ductwork

There are many times we field calls from customers that fall directly in line with the intended use of one of our products. Such would be the case last week when a customer called looking for  a more reliable way to spray a light coating of rust inhibitor on the inside of a small section of ductwork roughly 9″ in diameter.  They were currently using a liquid only spray nozzle but were having trouble controlling the output flow, as well as the actual spray pattern. They were wasting a lot of the inhibitor as it was starting to “pool” in the bottom of the ductwork which would ultimately leak out onto the production floor and operator’s work area when the parts were prepared for shipment, also creating an unsafe work environment.

Model # AT1010SS Internal Mix 360° Hollow Circular Pattern Atomizing Nozzle


After discussing the application with the customer, I recommended our Model # AT1010SS Internal Mix 360° Hollow Circular Pattern Atomizing Nozzle. The circular spray pattern is the ideal solution when trying to coat the inside of a duct with rust preventative. The nozzle produces an even spray pattern up to 53″ in diameter with flows as much as 14.7 gallons per hour of liquid, depending on air and liquid supply pressures. Our Atomizing Nozzles also feature an adjustment valve to provide control of the flow rate as well. The 303ss construction is able to withstand corrosive environments and temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

EXAIR offers a wide variety of Atomizing Nozzles that can be used to coat, rinse or cool a surface. They are also commonly used for dust suppression due to the wide coverage area they produce. For help selecting the correct Model # for your application, give us a call.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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