Special Cabinet Cooler Options – High Temperature, Non-Hazardous Purge and Type 316 Stainless Steel

Recent blog discussions about the EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems have covered many topics including correctly sizing one, the NEMA ratings, and how-they-work.  In this blog I will review three special options that are available for… More

Solving Special Application Needs with Special Solutions

Every application has its own unique needs and solution characteristics.  Most of the time, thankfully, we can meet those needs and solution requirements with our stock products and through discussions with our Application Engineers.  There… More

A Special Application Receives A Special Solution

Earlier today I accessed the EXAIR Application Database and our blog to search for a similar Line Vac application to the one described to me over the phone.  It’s always nice to have something to… More

Custom Solutions: Special 6″ Flanged Air Amplifier

I recently worked with a customer who was looking to increase the airflow in their scrubber system.  (For reference, a scrubber system is designed to control the air pollution in industrial exhausts by removing dangerous gases or… More