EXAIR’s Case Study Library

Did you know that you can find 35+ published Case Studies regarding many of the EXAIR products and how customers were able to save on compressed air and increase safety simply by installing and using one of our Intelligent Compressed Air Products?  Case studies provide real world results and highlight any dollar savings, production increases, quality improvements, safety improvements, and/or problems solved. The Case Studies are a valuable tool which can help determine success within your plant or aid in convincing a manager to implement an air savings project. With registration, they can be found under the Knowledge Base tab on the main page of the website, or simply click here.

Once on the Case Study page, you can search and sort by Product type or Application. Reading through the Case Studies of the type of product(s) of interest can provide valuable information on the compressed air savings and safety improvements that others have achieved, and that you might be able to realize as well.


The Case Studies involve measurable data from actual processes and offer learnings that can relate to applications and processes that are similar to those in your facility.

  • Each Case Study begins with the Application Goal – what was it that was to be achieved by the installation and use of the EXAIR product.
  • Then, we review the Before EXAIR condition –  what was the problem, and what was being used initially.
  • Next, we show the After EXAIR process – this details the EXAIR product(s) that were implemented, and how it was able to improve the process.
  • Finally, the Summary section – this shows the cost savings attained, from less compressed air usage, faster operation rates, lower quality defects, reduced sound levels, and so forth that have been achieved and documented.

We invite you to read, download, and share the Case Studies, and use them as another tool available to you to learn about EXAIR products and how they can improve your processes.

We are always interested in learning about the compressed air savings and increased safety that have been realized by the use of an EXAIR product, and if you could share that information with us and have it result in a Case Study, we would love to talk to you and discuss how we can work together.

To discuss your application and how an EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air Product can improve your process, feel free to contact EXAIR, myself, or one of our other Application Engineers. We can help you determine the best solution!

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Application Engineer

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EXAIR’s Case Study Library: Where is it? What is it? How Do I Use It?

Case Study (505x640)
EXAIR Case Study Example

Above you will see pictured a Case Study that we have published for Cold Gun. The Case Study documents are arranged in a Library situated on the main EXAIR web site at the following link from the home page: Case Study Library.  There are far more Case Studies that are posted and arranged by Application Type and also by Product category so you can look up application details for specific situations where EXAIR products have proven successful.

Applications are what help our customers better understand our product and how it works. This library is designed to assist you in learning about the common ways in which our products can provide you with a positive outcome to specific application problems.

The Case Studies are arranged in the following format for easy to understand discussion about the application:

  1. Application Goal: States simply what the customer wants to achieve.
  2. Before EXAIR: States the problem that the customer was having prior to installing EXAIR solution.
  3. After EXAIR: Gives the details about how EXAIR’s product was able to save time, save money, save energy, improve the process, speed up the process, etc.
  4. Each Case Study will also include photos of the application to also show the unit in the application.

The EXAIR Case Studies are a great learning tool to determine how EXAIR products can help you with your application.

The more confidence that you have that EXAIR has the right solution for you by reading about how we have helped other customers solve their similar application problems, the more quickly you can get to that solution for your own application problem.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager