New Month, New Year, New Promo!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Well, at my house, the celebrations have been the same for about the past three years.  No one else comes over. My wife and I get the kids to bed, we sit and watch several different channels until the ball drops, and then we are asleep by 12:30.   Good thing is we wake up feeling refreshed and, normally, we don’t have any ” flu like” symptoms, (also known to many as a hangover).  Then we go about the day just like it is any other day of the year.

With the new year, however, comes great things here at EXAIR.   The best of which, at least for this month, is our new promo that we are currently running.   For the entire month of January, 2014, buy any EXAIR Static Eliminator from the link below, and receive a FREE AC Sensor.  That’s a $49.00 value, for free.


The AC sensor could have really come in handy when I was replacing a wall outlet over the weekend and thought I had turned the right breaker off.  Sadly enough, rookie mistake, I didn’t test it and got shocked.

If you have any questions on the full line of EXAIR Static Eliminators or which one is right for your application, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

Movember Is Awesome!

In case you don’t know, today is the first day of Movember.  This is a month that some men decide to start with a clean-shaven face and grow out the mustache until the end of November to help raise awareness for prostate/testicular cancer. I, sadly, I am not participating this year, mainly because I am afraid my one-year-old daughter wouldn’t know who I am without a beard and my three-year-old would most likely want me to grow it back…immediately.  I grew my beard a couple years ago to help celebrate Movember and I liked it enough to keep it. But here is a link to a couple of my past Movember shenanigans. To give you some idea on what Movember is about, check the video below.

So that is one way that the month of November is awesome.  Here at EXAIR we like to celebrate November as well.  That’s right, we have not only made this month better one way, but two.  How you may ask?  First, we have extended the Safety Air Gun promotion which offers a free Chip Shield with the purchase of select Safety Air Guns.   The picture below is a link to that promotion.

Chip Shield Promo

Second, today marks the first day of our Super Air Knife promotion.   When you purchase a Super Air Knife and use the promotion from the link below, you will receive a free Soft Grip Safety Air Gun.

Super Air Knife Promo

So not only is November raising awareness on men’s health, but EXAIR is giving you two more reasons to like this month, a FREE Chip Shield with Safety Air Gun purchase and/or a FREE Soft Grip Safety Air Gun when purchasing a Super Air Knife.  If you have any questions on the promo’s or your compressed air system, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer