Vacuum Generators: Not Just For Pick and Place

Vacuum generation can take on many forms and have many uses.  EXAIR is relatively new to supplying these types of products, only having them available for about a year now.  It is always interesting to me to hear about the different types of applications that one of our E-Vacs can solve. 

For me, the first application that comes to mind when I think of vacuum generators is pick-and-place.  But, the E-Vac application call I got last week was not this at all.  The call came from a plastic sheet extrusion machine manufacturer who was actually looking to hold down the end of an 84″ wide paper tail.  They needed to hold it onto one side of a hollow square pipe that had 1/8″ diameter holes spaced 1″ apart, all down the 84″ length of the pipe. 

Because of the lightweight nature of the paper, a Porous, Low Vacuum E-Vac was the better choice.  To ensure sufficient vacuum across the entire length, multiple units would be required.  After some discussion, it was decided that the best product for the job would be 4pc of our model 800005H Medium-Sized Porous E-Vac.  This unit actually also includes a muffler, to keep the noise level generated down to 83dBA.  Because the paper needed to be held directly against the holes in the tube, no vacuum cups were needed.  So, 4pc of this standard, off the shelf item can be quickly delivered, and will easily solve the problem of holding the the paper tail in place. 

If you have a unique application you think an E-Vac would work well in, or are already using an E-Vac for an application and would like to share, we and the other EXAIR Blog readers would be interested to hear about it. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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