Line Vac Leaves No Mess

I got a call from a rubber and vinyl tile and flooring manufacturer last week.  They were having problems with the little shavings building up on and around the machines as the tiles were being manufactured, creating quite a mess.  Someone was having to spend time and energy periodically cleaning the area and taking the piles to a collection area. 

The particles were very small, and they only needed to be moved about 3ft over and 8ft up to the collection area.  So, our Model 6080 1″ Aluminum Line Vac was a perfect fit for the job.  The conveying distance is well within the capabilities of the unit, and it will only require minimal demand on their compressed air system.  It will also easily be able to keep up with the rate at which the chips are being generated, preventing any buildup of scrap material.

This will virtually eliminate any extra time for cleanup, and no shavings will pile up, maintaining a clean working area.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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