Abrasive Material Conveying

In my daily life here at EXAIR, it would seem that I run into the same types of applications. One good example involves the customer conveying highly abrasive materials with a Line Vac that was not the most suitable unit for the job.

The customer was conveying a fine glass dust with our Model 6064 (2″ Stainless Line Vac). The customer was operating the Line Vac at about 10 psig. Needless to say, the glass wore through the line vac in about 8 weeks time. After some discussion about the application, I recommended the customer go with our Model 150200 (2″ Heavy Duty Line Vac) as a replacement due to the nature of its construction being made from a hardened tool steel.  The customer has had the new unit in place for 3 weeks now. Initial inspections indicate that there is no visible wear.

The Heavy Duty Line Vac was introduced to our Air Operated Conveyor product line to help in this exact scenario. Whether sand, ground glass, Perlite or even garnet, the Heavy Duty models are built to last under very severe applications.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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