Line Vac Collects Broken Glass

Cleaning up broken glass by hand or with a broom is certainly not the most enticing job out there.  So, a brewing company contacted me looking for a more automated, and thus safer, way to perform this task. 

The conveying distance could be upwards of 30ft.  This would be no problem for one of our standard Line Vacs.  But, glass is quite abrasive, so another style unit was in order.  I recommended our 2″ Heavy Duty Line Vac.  It is made of a heat treated, high-alloy steel.  So, it can withstand the abrasive nature of the glass shards.  It also has increased conveying capacity.  So, the 30ft distance will be no problem at all. 

Now, the glass shards are picked up from both the bottling line and the surrounding areas, removing a potential disruption in the process, and significantly reducing the safety risk associated with having broken glass in the area.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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