Autum Leaves, Winter Blues, and Leaping Arcs of Energy

I spent the weekend enjoying the crisp autumn air raking leaves. Rover and I had a great time together. I did all the work and he playfully spread them out again. During one of my breaks, which in each passing year has become more frequent, the thought of winter came to mind. Not just the snow shoveling but the static electricity.

Around the office I am referred to as Mr. Static. I don’t know why it is, but I generate an inordinate amount of static electricity during the winter months. The sound of snap and crackle can be heard as I rush about the office. It may be humorous but it stops being funny when I blow out equipment; 3 cordless phones, 1 cell phone, and my desk phone. Rover won’t even come near me during the winter months. Some man’s best friend he is.

Co-workers are always there for you. It’s been suggested that I wrap my shoes in aluminum foil, wear a drag line, shower myself with Bounce ®, someone even went through the trouble of making me a tin foil hat! What I found to really do the trick is to carry with me a LED key chain discharger. The LED’s slowly allow the stored charges to go to ground eliminating my pain and ensuring the integrity of whatever I touch.

Static electricity is not only a personal issue. It rears its ugly head in manufacturing too. I’ve seen a bottle filling application   where the static charge was enough to divert the flow of liquid so it missed the bottle. EXAIR has a cool video on static electricity. Need help controlling your static. Fill out your application form and an application engineer will evaluate your needs and make the appropriate recommendations.

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