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Well, we are back to the videos this week. This time, it’s one showing our new E-Vac vacuum generators. The video is a scientific demonstration of the difference between a porous and non-porous vacuum generator, so you will be able to decide which type is right for you. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, the low vac generator actually produces more vacuum flow. As demonstrated in the video, the low vac generator is used on porous surfaces, because the increased vacuum flow is required to account for the porous or uneven nature of the surface.

Evac video

I think it’s pretty cool that something so small can pick up a 20-pound box with just the use of compressed air and some thin plastic tubing. Even though it may seem a likely computer trick to facilitate a perfect demo tape, I assure you, it was in fact a box loaded up to weigh 20 pounds, and sealed up to hold the material in and the box together. Also, as is evident from the headless operator’s quick connection and operation of the units, the E- Vacs are a pretty simple product to set up and use. They would be even easier when the vacuum cup assembly is mounted to a firm structure that is electromechanically actuated. No lifting from an operator would be required.

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