winter is coming, winter is coming!

For those of you in the Midwest and Northeast, the year’s first frost (or maybe even snow) has already hit. You have already had that unwelcome surprise of a thin layer of ice or snow on your car windows that must be scraped off before you can go anywhere. For those of you in the warmer parts of the country who haven’t had that pleasant experience yet (or maybe won’t all winter long), NO FAIR! Many of us Cincinnatians still haven’t quite learned to embrace the winter weather here :-)

Whatever part of the country you are in, the situation remains the same. This time of year, temperatures and humidity levels all around the country are dropping. When that happens, static problems begin to show their ugly faces. Dust sticks to everything, people get shocked, paper and plastic moving webs jam up, all because of static cling. But, not to worry. EXAIR has an entire line of Static Elimination products dedicated to these very problems. We have Ion Air Knives and Ion Bars for wide areas. We have Ion Air Jets, Guns, and Cannons for more localized spot-treatment. As of earlier this year, we also now have an Ion Air Wipe for round profile, continuously moving products such as wire/cable, pipe/tube, and extruded materials.

There’s one application that comes to mind for this type of product, that we can all relate to. A toilet seat manufacturer needed to remove all dust particles from the seats before they are painted. If not, the dust can cause a flawed paint job, and the seat surface to feel a bit like sandpaper. (cheesy puns ahead) This does not sit well with end users, and can affect their bottom line. So, to supplement two roller brushes, the manufacturer installed two Super Ion Air Knives, one on either side of the chain conveyor carrying the seats into the painting area, to remove the dust. So, think of Exair the next time you pay a visit to your porcelain throne :-)

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