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We are doing a bonus second post this week. We wanted to say a special thanks to Bill Wade for his kudos to our Mini Chip Vac and Mini Drum Vac on his blog, We just recently came across our name on his site and were thrilled to read positive feedback on two of our newest products. It seems folks are noticing the benefits and advantages to them. The Mini Chip Vac and Mini Drum Vac are essentially 5-gallon capacity versions of our 55-gallon systems that we have been offering for many years now. Both Mini Systems come with the drum and lid assembly, as well as various cleanup tool options.

The Mini Chip Vac is designed for small piles of solid materials such as sawdust and chips. As Bill’s blog post states, the material being collected actually passes through the unit itself as it is being vacuumed. The Mini Drum Vac is designed for small liquid spills. In this case, the liquid doesn’t actually pass through the pump. The pump creates a vacuum in the drum, which in turn pulls a vacuum on the hose, allowing the liquid to be collected. Our Drum Vac is actually reversible as well. So, you can also turn the knob on the unit, forcing air into the drum, and thus forcing the liquid out, to empty the drum.

I am sure Mr. Wade would appreciate even more traffic to his site.  So, go visit his blog and you’ll get to read all kinds of good info about compressed air use and its related products.

Please visit our website too, for even more info, !

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