Worlds Dirtiest Jobs

One could complain about having a job in “the cube”. But considering the environments others have to work in, like a strip mill, I count my lucky stars. The manufacture of steel is integral to our industrial society. The workers in that industry need to be commended for their contribution so that I can sit at my steel desk in an air conditioned cubicle.

Strip mills take Iron ingots made at an iron foundry, reheat them, and flatten them into steel sheet and plates. While efforts have been made to clean up the process, it’s still a hot and dirty process.


The process creates airborne contaminants that over time collect on the building structures in the ceiling. Periodic cleaning needs to be performed to remove what has collected on the buiding structures and equipment.

A customer contacted me who performs this service. He simply used a 10′ long open pipe as a blow off. His customer objected because an open pipe is in violation of the OSHA directive of a maximum dead end pressure of 30 PSI. I offered him the simple solution of installing an EXAIR model 1112 Super Air Nozzle on the end of his pipe. The design of this nozzle enabled him to be OSHA compliant and gained increased performance because of the air entrainment feature of the Super Air Nozzle.

EXAIR has all its cataloged products in stock, so we were able to get one out to him in time for his scheduled week end clean up.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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