Air Wipes Are Only For Hose, Pipe and Tube….Right?

There’s no doubt that the Air Wipe has become a very handy product for applications where you have a continuous extrusion of some sort running through the center to be cleaned or cooled.

Well, there’s another very good use for the Air Wipes that I would like to talk about today. That use is assisting in cleaning functions for automated dispensing tips and for tips of spray guns used in painting processes.

The Air Wipe can be mounted in such a way that the dispensing tip be inserted through the center and the corresponding suction generated around that nozzle will pull off any residual material. It works very well for materials that might be viscous and stringy when a purge operation is required every so often. It also works well for painting robots going through a color change process. The residue can be blown into a catch bin or other container to keep the unused material contained as necessary.

So, if any of you have applications where caulk, adhesive, flux, paint or some other similar material is being dispensed from a nozzle, the Air Wipe may be worth your consideration for the periodic purge or cleaning routine.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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