Pampering Celebrities

Every once in a while we get an “off the wall” application. I was contacted by a club house attendant from a very exclusive golf course. One of his duties was to clean their patrons’ golf shoes after they came off the course.

While their clientele patronized the amenities of the club house, he would clean the mud from their shoes using water. As one would expect, this made the shoe leather damp. When the golfers returned to finish the back nine, they complained about the wet shoes.

He was desparate for an alternative to water cleaning and asked me if I had an air blow off solution for him. I suggested the EXAIR Model HP1230 Soft Grip Safety Air Gun.

He ordered one out and tested it in the maintenance shop where they had compressed air. The two inch wide nozzle on this gun made quick work of removing mud from the cleats and sides of the shoes. Then with a few swipes from a dry rag, the original shine was restored.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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