All I Can Think of is Saving Money

As money continues to tighten and I continue to see an increase in my heating bill this winter, I enter the mode of denying myself store bought coffee at $3.50 a piece, foregoing the restaurant lunch and keeping these old shoes around just a little longer. I am sure many of us feel the same way.

These are the easy remedies to my problem, just slight modifications of behavior. The hard part is spending the money on upgraded insulation for my old house. New insulation is a greater up-front investment for results that trickle in over a longer period of time – nevermind the fact that the insulation will pay for itself in about 5 years and I plan to stay in the house for at least another ten.

It just seems easier to hang on to the the $8.00 of lunch money (which typically gets spent some other way) than to invest in insulation and see the $8.00 show up in my heating bill.

Many of our products are the same way – spend some money to cover up those 25 open tubes with an efficient air nozzle, replace that drilled pipe with an engineered Super Air Knife or retrofit those conveyor line blow offs with the Electronic Flow Control just so you can see the savings trickle in every month.

It may seem like a hard decision now but next year the chances are that the products have already paid for themselves (a less than 1 year ROI is common) and when the economy picks back up, you are making more profit per product than you did years ago.

I do beleive I’ve just talked myself in to some insulation.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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