Happy New Year!

Thank you all for partnering with EXAIR throughout 2020. We look forward to the challenges of solving your manufacturing and process problems in 2021!

EXAIR will be closed December 30-31 and January 1.  We will return Monday January 4. 

Best wishes,
The EXAIR team

Image from Nordic Pixels. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License.

Happy Thanksgiving from EXAIR!

Well…here we are…we made it to the Holiday season of 2020.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of EXAIR to all of you!

Chances are that you may be feeling the same as we do – tired, disoriented, anxious, ready for “normalcy”, etc. A global pandemic, and the changes that have occurred because of it,  will have that effect on people. But then again here in the USA, that may be due to an election, but I digress…

Fortunately, Thanksgiving reminds us to take the time to recognize the good things that are happening around us, to be thankful and show gratitude. There have been many studies on gratitude and they have shown, at the least, there is a connection between gratitude and happiness. This Harvard Health article offers good insight about the power of gratitude and a good list of how we may begin to express gratitude ourselves, summarized below:

  • Write a thank-you note. –  It helps you and helps strengthen your relationships
  • Thank someone mentally. – If you don’t have time to write, do this.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. – Make it a habit and it turns into a journal.
  • Count your blessings. – Recognize good things that have happened
  • Pray. – Religious folk can use prayer to grow gratitude
  • Meditate. – you can meditate and focus on good things.

Today, I am thankful for music and its relaxing effect. I am grateful for the ability to go hiking and have the sun on my face.  Enjoy your days and Happy Thanksgiving.

The EXAIR team
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EXAIR will be closed Nov 26-27, 2020 for Thanksgiving.

Labor Day 2020

Our local annual Labor Day celebration in Cincinnati, OH has been canceled this year. I am certain it is in good company with other events across the nation which have been canceled or greatly modified. But…

EXAIR still wants to celebrate and recognize all you (we) have been through over the course of the past year and certainly the past 6 months.

Here’s to all of the hard working folks who are doing their best to stay productive and positive – thank you. Let’s also not forget anyone who may have lost a job during the pandemic –  EXAIR is with you all and hopes to be part of some improving conditions as we navigate through this together.

As EXAIR does its best to stay positive and strong (easier said then done on some days), we hope you either enjoy the day off or begin to see some improvements that will help your circumstances. Just for the record, if you are in Cincinnati, OH and looking for a job, we currently have a couple to choose from.

EXAIR will be closed on Monday September 7, 2020.

In all cases – we hope you enjoy the weekend,
The EXAIR Team



CC0 image courtesy of Lamonica Carper via pixy.org