EXAIR Founder’s Day 2023

EXAIR celebrates Founder’s Day each year on February 22nd (or the closest working day) in order to commemorate the birthday of our founder, Roy Sweeney.  He founded the company in 1983 and drove EXAIR to become the strong, successful and innovative company that it has over the years.  Roy led EXAIR for 33 years.  Today would have been his 89th birthday. It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone for almost seven years, but his commitment to helping others lives on through all of us.

We make this day a celebration and a day to mark our ongoing commitment to the service of others in keeping with the values that Roy and his wife Jackie felt (and feel) very strongly about.  We continue to look outside our company, outside ourselves and outside our immediate surroundings to do what we can to improve the world around us.  And we urge others to do the same. 

This year, we have selected these organizations to receive donations as part of our Founder’s Day celebration:

In addition, EXAIR has also established an Employee Volunteer Program that enables every full-time employee with at least 90 days of service to volunteer with organizations of their choice during the normal work week with full pay by EXAIR.  We urge everyone to work collectively with organizations in our community to improve the lives of those in need.

As we celebrate Founder’s Day today, we wish Roy a happy birthday.  We miss him.  We remember what he and his wife did for all of us and for countless others.  And we pledge to continue his commitment to helping those who need it.

Happy Founder’s Day 2023 from everyone at EXAIR!

Bryan Peters

The People Have Spoken – AGAIN!

One of the perks of working at EXAIR is seeing all the awards that we win each year. As an application engineer at EXAIR, I am problem-solving and recommending solutions using our products every single day. Understanding, touching, feeling, and testing our products gives me a great deal of confidence on what I recommend, but winning award after award, really drives home our prowess in the industry.

Our latest award is from the Professional Tool and Equipment News, and this award is “The people’s Choice Award” for our Variblast Precision Safety Air Gun. This is a small lightweight air gun with a variable flow trigger.

VariBlast® Precision Safety Air Guns 2022 Professional Tool & Equipment News PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER

There are several options to enhance, or customize this Safety Air Gun. Let’s start with the 3 different nozzles that are available. # 1 is the ATTO Nozzle #2 is the Pico Nozzle, and #3 is the Nano Nozzle. These nozzles are available in Stainless Steel and PEEK Plastic. On the left, you can see the Air consumption, force, and Sound level of each nozzle. As you can see, these are very quiet – as a comparison the average conversation voice is @ 68 dBA. On the right, you can see the dimensions of the nozzles and flow patterns. These will all help you make the best selections.

Another very popular option are extension pipes. They come in 12″ or 20″ depending on your needs. As a final safety option, we offer Chip Shields to protect the operator from any blow back. You can see the visual of that on the picture above.

When you are looking for a small precision Safety Air Gun, there is no need to look further than this People’s Choice, award-winning stunner… Please feel free to reach out to discuss this Safety Air Gun, or any other from our award-winning collection.

Thank you for stopping by,

Brian Wages

Application Engineer

EXAIR Corporation
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Cover photo by Open Clipart-Vektors and licensed by Pixabay.