Using Ion Air Cannons To Help Assemble Motorcycles

The body panels on motorcycles can carry a static charge, shocking personnel assembling the bikes

One of the more fun applications I’ve worked through involving the Ion Air Cannon, was for a major motorcycle manufacturer.  In their assembly plant, motorcycles would transition from bare frames to complete bikes ready for the road.

In one stage of this transformation, the body panels were installed onto the motorcycles, fully painted and ready to go.  But, there was a problem with static in the assembly area, causing shocks to the assembly personnel and slowing down the process.  Multiple solutions had been tried, such as grounding straps and anti-static floor mats, but they didn’t work.

What did work was an Ion Air Cannon mounted above each installation area, with the ionized air “raining” down from atop the bikes.  As the bikes entered into this ionized airflow, they were treated for static and completely neutralized.  And, with a low operating pressure, low compressed air consumption, and low noise levels, the solution was a welcome one for the manufacturer.

I’ve helped our customers with Ion Air Cannons time and time again, but this application always stands out to me.  It highlights the versatility of the product, the ease of use, and the immediate results available for our customers when they implement EXAIR solutions.

If you’re facing a static problem, we’re here to help discuss solutions.  Feel free to contact an EXAIR Application Engineer with application specifics.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer


Photo courtesy of David RosenCreative Commons License.  Image reference here.

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