Trying to Open Bags with Static Cling

We have all experienced the frustration of trying to open plastic garbage bags that refuse to unfold and open. A produce packing company was experiencing the same kind of problem with bagging machines.

Their operators load a stack of bags onto a wicket similar to what you see at the checkout counters in the grocery store. The bagging machine then pulls off one bag at a time with vacuum. The problem they were having is that static electricity held the bags together. Instead of getting a single bag, several would come off together and jam up the machine.

This necessitated  an operator to separate each bag prior to loading and mount them singly onto the wicket. Needless to say this was time consuming and added cost to the process.

I suggested they use our Ion Air Gun model # 7293. Now the operator loads a stack of bags onto the wicket then blows ionized air from the Ion Air Gun to fluff up the stack of hanging bags and remove static charges. This only took a few seconds whearas the old method took several minutes.

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