Now is the time to think about electrical panels that overheat

The temperature in the US is at a rather mild level right now, but that will soon change. Along with the summer temperatures come failures of electric and electronic equipment due to overheating. So, now would be the perfect time to think about which panels gave you trouble in this way last year. It is also a perfect time to think about sizing up your cabinet for cooling to keep those nuisance failures from being a real headache for you again this year.

Imagine the down-time and lost productivity that you can avoid by doing a bit of reasonable pre-planning. EXAIR can help with that pre-planning by assisting you with your Cabinet Cooler sizing and determining which models would best suit your needs.

We are here to help with these and many other application issues. Please contact us with your Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide. You can locate our on-line form at the following link:

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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