Springtime Means the Smell of Fresh Cut…Fabric?

When most of you think of Springtime scents, you think of flowers, right?  Well, unfortunately for one customer of ours, a particular not-so-sweet smell is causing a problem, and they need to eliminate it. 

I was contacted by a consulting engineer who is working on a project for a company that manufactures synthetic fabrics.  When the fabric web is cut to length, it is very susceptible to fraying and unraveling.  Thus, they actually use hot knives to cut it, which will melt the cut edges of the fabric, essentially cauterizing it and preventing fraying.  This melting of the synthetic material creates quite a noxious odor, and is quite unpleasant to breathe in. 

Thankfully, the odor is not actually toxic, so they did not need a fancy filtration system.  They were simply looking for a way to move the odorous air away from the area and out of the building.  The area of the cut is fairly small, so a large unit was not required. 

I recommended our model 120020, 3/4″ Super Air Amplifier.  This little unit, which measures only 2.5″ overall length, and maximum OD of just under 1″, only requires 9scfm at 80psi of inlet pressure.  But, it will move 10x this volume, for a total of 90 standard cubic feet of air every minute.  They purchased one of these units right there on the spot, and I suspect they are already enjoying the fresh air and relief from the pungent odor of melting synthetic fabric.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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