Removing Static From Panel Decal

We have all been annoyed with the static cling when removing the cellophane wrap from CD’s. That stuff seems to stick to everything no matter how hard you try to shake it off.

A customer of ours had a similar experience in their manufacturing process. They vacuum form a thin film onto a part giving it a wood grain texture. The film has so much static charge  that when the operator would remove it  from the stack, it would attract itself to them and anything nearby. This made it almost impossible to load it into the press causing misalignment and wrinkles.

Since their customer supplied the base product, the loss of perfectly good parts due to misapplication of the decal was unacceptable. They were threatening to cancel the order.

Installing two model 7192 Ion Air Cannons, one above the stack and the other over the operator press area,  the static issues were eliminated. This all but eliminated the scrap and saved the account with their customer.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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