Rely on EXAIR to Recognize the Details

Our customer called with a Line Vac product in mind. He wanted to use the 2-1/2″ Aluminum Line Vac to move his perlite material 50′. He was going to use a 10 Hp compressor which he had sitting idle in another portion of his facility. He only needed to move the perlite one time and the time it took him was not critical.

EXAIR recognized that the 2-1/2″ Line Vac was not the best suited for his application because it used more air than he had available with his compressor. We discussed and decided to go with the 2″ Line Vac. We recognized this because of our knowledge of the compressed air industry.  One of our goals is to realize the customer’s air capacity and recommend a product which will work with the capacity.

We continued to discuss how much perlite he would like to move, and it was an amount so large he expected to move it over the course of the next couple of months. The volume he wanted to move would have worn through two or three aluminum Line Vacs, so we recommended a stainless steel model for abrasion resistance. We recognized this because of our employees with decades of experience.  Another goal of ours is to recommend the best product material for a specific application.

EXAIR also recognizes the importance of getting a complete system from one vendor. The time it would take to source a compressed air filter/regulator and some transfer hose, in this example, will cost more time and money than purchasing all of the necessary pieces directly from EXAIR. We have recognized this and provide our customers with all the necessary components for compressed air products. This includes filter separators, pressure regulators, oil removal filters, transfer hose, mounting options, positioning products and more.

After our customer had decided to purchase a Line Vac kit and hose they also requested an e-mail which included the credit card invoice and tracking number which we readily and quickly provided. We recognize these details make for a smooth transaction for our customers.

Every customer has different details which make a difference to them; EXAIR is very good at recognizing what these details are and provides them.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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